Ask a Designer: Airbnb Rental Space

We know you have questions. We get it!


What type of design services do you offer for an Airbnb rental space?

We offer three type of packages.

  • 3 Hours of Design Consultation
    This can be done on-site or as an E-design service. We will discuss space planning, create a list of must have, create a design budget, and email you the execution plan along with a CAD drawing of key piece elements. We can also do a turn key approach for an additional fee.

  • V.I.P Room Rescue
    Consultation, space planning, sourcing, installation, and styling.

  • Full Service Design
    If you are listing your entire house, we can offer to help implement a full house interior design service consisting of space planning, sourcing, installation, styling and editing for a boutique house look. Home product catalog and Airbnb Super Host coaching service is available for added fee.

When should I hire an interior designer?

We suggest hiring an interior designer before you list or as soon as possible to increase your listing views and confirm more bookings.


What role do you play in our house addition for an Airbnb listing?

Our team is your unbiased expert resource - your advocate who is the liaison between all your various services: architect, contractor, and trades people. We communicate the information on the who, what, where and how of your home to the appropriate parties.

How do we express your style?

We dig deep before we start because we want to get to know you on a deep and intimate level. To get there, we set up meetings with the intention of establishing direction through inspirational elements. In those meetings we ask lots of questions and listen hard to your answers – because your answers tell us who you are, and what you care about. Your answers tell us what you love, what’s sentimental to you, and what you want to express about yourself.

After we get to really know you, and through detailed consideration, we integrate images that communicate our ideas into a new vision for your home.

Can we shop together?

That’s generally not a part of the equation when we work with to-the-trade-only sources. Our experience has shown us that the key idea of working with an interior designer is to have one person steering the ship. This lets the original design vision be executed seamlessly, effectively, and in a way that is truly service oriented for the client. However, if you want to source our services for shopping trips, we can offer options.


How do you set a project budget?

The budget is where the realistic picture of your project begins, and we won’t start a project without one; Airbnb budgets typically start at $3500 for some furnishings, accessories and design fees. A budget is the map that shows us how we can do the best job for you. We will walk you through the process of budgeting based on our extensive experience with interior design. We find that our clients may know how much they want to invest, but may not know what is a reasonable budget for furnishings and fees are for a project like yours. We guide you through this process. What you choose to invest is your choice.

Our goal is to work within your projected ROI.

What if I want to do most of the work and just need an overall plan?

We’re happy to help you with a Master Plan for your project. Depending on the room size and other details, we can provide a proposal for you. If you’re ready to take the next step, let us know and will put together the right documents for your project.