Well Hello! I am Rina Norwood, the principal designer for RND.  I am passionate about the visual narratives that beckons a welcome stay. My design aesthetic is a blend of casual elegance narrated by suggestive hints of modernity. I believe that when beautiful pieces with unique characteristics are carefully juxtaposed to compliment the other pieces in the room, it's beautiful to look upon.  A well put together space beckons a second glance.

 My approach is to help you create and edit interior spaces based on a 15 step organized design process in taking your dream project from conception to installation. These proven methods will bring clarity to the process of interior design and manage overall expectations. My end goal is to create a look that fits your style and your spending plan.  With over 24 years of combined experience in design and decorative painting,  I am here to help turn your dream projects into livable spaces. If you desire a home that reflects quality, uniqueness and well edited spaces as unique as you are, lets talk! 

   "...understanding the elements of design and how they interact with each other is vital in producing well edited interior spaces that beckons a welcome stay!" -rn



Our Story



We are a full-service interior design company specializing in creating blended designs of casual elegance narrated by suggestive hints of modernity. We offer various design packages that fit your spending plan for a design as unique as you are!

From new construction to remodeling to a VIP room rescue, our 15 step design implementation will bring clarity to the process of interior design.  Our finish goal is to delivery comfortable aesthetics that reflect your personality. Turn your home interiors into livable elegance! With over 24 years of design experience, we have mastered the art of stylish living.

 Past projects are featured in SouthPark Magazine, CNN Living, AJC Private Quarters, and Murfressboro Journal. 




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