Hello there. Sloane is my name; art and people are my game! I am currently interning for Rina Norwood, I also study at UNCC. I’m a senior, studying sociology and have always had a passion for the arts.

Design to me is an evolved art which covers many natural aspects of the world we live in. Design is everything from home decor, to exterior automobile layout. Everything and everyone has a unique design, a purposeful way of being and flowing. Design opens up possibilities that all artistic elements and principles can offer in a space. I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn so much from Rina and her self-developed business; problem-solving with logistics and the importance of communication among relationships inside of the workplace.

I look forward to the techniques and components of business and design that I will learn, the experience I will gain, and the many people I’ll encounter on this adventure as I grow as an artist, a student, and as a person: