La Maison: Acquisition Day


The Morning After


After making that two-hour drive from Cornelius to Paris Road, we arrived at the foot of a 98ft long gravel drive. We drove passed the ancient family cemetery and up the slightly steep gravel drive to another gravel driveway; we were sure the houses around this road heard our entrance. The loaded car made a hard gallop to make the turn up the drive. My old faithful, the golden beast, parked itself on the drive like a pro.

    Our agent, Leslie Eason, and mortgage specialist, Brad Roche helped us every step of the way in making this dream a reality. Brad Roche and Leslie Eason helped tremendously in facilitating a closing on the Paris house within 40 days of our contract.  Leslie was knowledgeable in her field of work which made our buying process informative and easy.  She exceeded our expectations in negotiating a contract that met our criteria.  She was diligent in securing tradesmen to help protect our investment.  If you are looking for a professional realtor in Boone and surrounding cities who implements her masters in business administration, Leslie Eason is the person to call.  She is prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. We consider her to be our first mountain dweller friend. 

      It is seize-every-room day. The design order of operation is divided and subdivided into levels of priority. We were so anxious to give this tired house a facelift that we were glad to get an early rise to the occasion. The neglected garden and interior spaces were mine to conquer. The man of the house enlisted himself to get to know the technical interworking of modern amenities that we often take for granted. After all, this is a guy who holds a copy of the NEC and NBC on the bookshelf of his library. I should have full confidence in knowing that the saying “you touch, you fix” will be fully up to Codes. 

     The CAD drawings are created and implemented for every area of change reviewed. I reread many of Bunny Williams's books for encouragement and inspiration. I was so excited when I met her at HPMarket last spring. When you talk to her, the conversation feels rekindled.  I love that about her. Another book I dusted off the shelf is Candice Olson: Kitchens and Baths. With the impending kitchen renovation on this house, the book is a must have.

     We know as we rip through walls and move every stone, there is this possibility that the design will change. Some of the changes are vested in sweat equity from us, family members, and friends. The major work will call in for reinforcement. There are moments where we second guess our plans, but there also is this assurance of peace that takes over the doubts and fear. After all, we know nothing about mountain living or about the ins and outs of the back roads around the three major towns that surround us -Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, and Boone. One thing we do know is that we have a plan. We know how to put a plan to work. Sure, there will be times when this process will test our marriage. I have a tab for that in my renovation journal already waiting to write these escalated conversations. This might even bring our life journey to another elevation. It is a good thing that the property is a short distance to Profile Trail and Hebron Falls for a quick stress reliever when the hammer falls on a good thing. 

     Our new friends up the hill, Mary and Barbara paid us a welcome wagon visit on our second day. Making their way through boxes and Big Max- the huge tool box on wheels to welcome us with local goodies. They have owned their summer retreat since the early eighties. Both are retired school teachers. They come every summer, like the change of the season, to escape the Miami heat. Each with their vehicle and summer luggage, they make that Memorial weekend back to the High Country. The couple that lives at the bottom of the road once owned the entire property. They made this their summer home for over forty years. This place at one time was a large playground for their kids. We look forward to hearing the stories about this place. Most especially this massive stone wall that won my heart when we first set eyes on this house.  

There are moments where we second guess our plans, but there also is this assurance of peace that takes over the doubts and fear.
The future site for a gravel drive.

The future site for a gravel drive.

The day we first laid eyes on this diamond in the rough.