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Contractors' Convention On Paris Road


     If you buy a fixer-upper, you must be willing to expect an imperfect house.  The determination and vision to see past the undesirable existence of a particular layout or an existing color must be acid strong. A proper renovation takes into consideration, collaboration with other tradesmen to make your vision a reality. It is important to seek the advice and help of those that specialize in certain skillsets. Candis and Andy Meridith are no strangers to renovations.  Co-author of Old Home Love, Candis believes "If you don’t know how to do something, figure out the person who does know."  Architectural Digest magazine recently had a wonderful article on gauging whether or not you have what it takes to survive the fixer-upper adventure - and we do!

     There were a few key issues about the house beyond what the magic design wand can do. Seeking advice from professionals is a good idea.  Roofers, structural engineers, plumbers, HVAC professionals, septic specialists, and pavers made the contractors' convention on Paris Road.  With each F350 truck coming, leaving and kicking up dirt, we are beginning to understand a new meaning to the two words, Mountain Time. For some, it means that appointment time doesn't take place until four hours after Eastern Time. This time difference is particularly true if it is hunting season.  

The Eagle is ready for take-off.

The Eagle is ready for take-off.

     It is best to check in with your local planning and zoning department as well as your health department if you plan to change the footprint of your existing floor plan. Deciding to add a bedroom or a bathroom isn't that simple, if your plumbing runs on a well and septic system.  John Spear with the Watauga County Planning Department gave excellent guidance regarding setbacks and drainage field clearance. After the tenth call in the office, we are on a first name basis. 

     We know exactly the location of the well, but locating the septic tank was another scavenger hunt on the property. We did narrow it down based on the Watauga County Health Department take on the possible location.  "It can't be within 50 feet of the wellhead." Gotcha! Before we do any deck renovations and digging for the new garden, we called our reliable five Eiffel Towers rated local pumping specialist; Triple T. This business ran on Eastern time with a courtesy arrival call. John and Kevin from Triple T came bright and early to pump the system. “Ma’am, we come to steal your turd.”  The kind of looting you need not call the police to file a report.  Both professionals gave us a tankful of information on how the system works, the codes and location on where not to dig. I have to say they were very informative and entertaining.  One local friendly advice, “Do not flush what you can’t eat unless you want a backed up system.” Thanks, man!

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