Pour l'amour de Paris

For the love of Paris


No matter what the weather brings, This Side of Paris is always a good idea. This winter brought a mixed precipitation of rain and snow - rain mostly. The peace and beauty around this side of the world keeps us coming back with more inspiration for content worth sharing. We continue to make changes on our “reno” list. Construction projects around the house have to be carefully selected. With the winter season still lingering, we are focused on the interior aesthetic. The fifty shades of brown will all need to be fifty shades of modern cabin glam. We are truly inspired by how well the kitchen renovation turned out. You can see the “before” and “after” photos here.

Now that the new roof is completed and the construction mess is out of sight, I am ready to bring a fresh new modern blend of Parisian-Americana style. I am incorporating traditional Parisian colors along with the elements found in nature that surround this property. Designing a 900 square foot cabin requires strategic space planning so that gatherings at TSOP are comfortable and stylish. The careful selection of furnishings is key to putting just the right furniture piece in its right location for functionality and beauty.

Details in construction, such as form and scale are design elements necessary in creating a cozy gathering space suitable for hosting travelers at This Side of Paris. I can’t wait to share the finished design with you soon. Here are my three helpful design tips in selecting living room furniture pieces with limited space and storage.

  • Multi-functional furniture pieces.

  • Sectional seating for large gatherings

  • Case goods with ample storage space that can serve as a wardrobe or linen closet.

Along with my three helpful design tips, I picked a few must-haves for our House of Fashion board to help keep you in reno-style.


1. Comfy and stylish. This RND tank is a balance between style and comfort.

2. Sorel waterproof boots will keep your toes sawdust free and comfy.

3. Wood’s up T-shirt will keep you rocking a style for that “measure twice cut once” construction motto.

4.The Bosch Max FlexiClick 5-in-1 Drill/Driver System has one tool and five attachments. Maximize your workforce in this easy 5-in-1 drill boss. The Bosch 5-in-1 Drill Driver System is available online and in home centers.

5. This pocket portable tool is a throw-in-your-bag handy-dandy essential tool set that will tackle most of the easy fix-it projects around the house.

6. Hardworking hands need a hardworking hand softener. Working Hands is scent-less and grease-less.

7. It’s an inflatable shim sold by Calculated industries. DIY’s Johnny on the spot handy-dandy Air Shim is great when working solo.

8. This denim overall is not made just for hard labor. It is hard at work keeping you styled at any task.

9. Need I say more? The Red Cap are covers for any caulking tube. These Little Red Nozzle Caps are just the right fit. Cap, seal, and save dollars!

With every visit to TSOP, I find a new local hangout to grab a quick snack or a bite to eat. The interesting conversations exchanged among patrons and business owners are perhaps the most magical things about the High Country. The willingness of business owners to open up to the community and share their gifts and talents plays an important role in making this area around TSOP vibrant and interesting.

Our friends down at the local Jerky Outpost deliver a variety of artisan jerkies from your usual beef to exotic meats. The flavoring also comes in a variety of mouth watering heat intensities. If you can’t get enough of it, they offer monthly Jerky membership to keep your pantry stocked with their flavor of the month.

These last few weeks have been filled with cultivating new ideas on our end. Of course, we could not have made it through without a little help from our new friends at The Local, an eclectic eatery in Boone, NC. They were the pièce de résistance in delectable eats and fresh flavors. Plus, they know how to keep the joie de vie atmosphere with live music, crafty cocktails, and draft microbrews. This vibrant, American hangout was just what my crew and I needed to reawaken our creative flow and ease our hunger.

There were many days in the renovation schedule that required 16-hour days. We did not mind it one bit, as we have managed to fill the fridge with homegrown food goodness from the Watauga Farmers Market. Happening every Saturday in May through October from 8am-noon, this downtown spot is a sure bet for local honey, veggies, and much more. We have found that the vivacious colors painted across each natural element of This Side of Paris creates the perfect picnic backdrop, so picnic meals on the property are really a treat.


So far, 2019 has been a year of cultivation; and although our agenda has been filled to the brim, the Holy Spirit seems to prioritize and require of us to just be still and take note of the reminder of what we are here to do. De-cluttering is a continuous process, which manifests the cultivation we are seeking here at This Side of Paris. We have been letting go of those things that no longer serve us or bring us joy. More importantly, we are learning to hold tight and to not only appreciate the things that still brings us joy but also to share those things with others and to not keep them to ourselves, despite their useful purpose in our own lives. We are beginning to understand that sometimes the greatest purpose in something can be discovered from sharing it with others.

So wherever this year continues to take you, be it an adventure on the fiscal side of local business or the physical side of organic nature, make sure you are on This Side of Paris to create those precious moments in life that remind us to be still and smile about what life has to offer — those moments that inspire us to truly live. Regardless of what your recipe for success requires, make sure you are ordering your ingredients off the Menu of Travel.